Aikidō & Aikibujutsu

The Japanese Martial Arts of Harmonizing Energy

Shinkendo & Aikibujutsu Shōkai (Introduction) Video © Onyx Cinema

The Arts of Aikidō & Aikibujutsu

Aikidō (合気道) and Aikibujutsu (合気武術) are forms of Japanese martial arts, or budō (武道). They are empty-handed arts that rely on technique and body mechanics rather than force to subdue an opponent without causing injury — essentially, harmonizing with your opponent in order to defeat him. Techniques include throws, joint-locking, and controls. These methods are employed by law enforcement agencies around the globe, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police, and comprise an effective and unique system of self-defense.

Irimi nage 1 Irimi nage 2 Irimi nage 3
Irimi nage 4 Irimi nage 5 Yubidori
Irimi-nage (entering throw) and yubi-dori sankajō (finger-grab)

Obata Toshishiro-Sōshihan

Obata-sōshihan portrait Obata Toshishiro-sōshihan is a professional martial artist and world-renowned instructor of Aikidō and Aikibujutsu, as well as an expert in a wide variety of traditional Japanese martial arts, including swordsmanship and Okinawan arts. He is also known as the founder and chief instructor of Shinkendo, a modern system of traditional samurai swordsmanship, and in general as a martial artist of extraordinary background and surpassing dedication and skill. In addition, he has received widespread recognition for his efforts toward reviving traditional and effective martial arts practice, including the role of tameshigiri within the sword arts, which has had lasting influence on the martial arts community. He is also the author of a number of books and videos on the martial arts.

For more information, please see the main section on Obata Toshishiro-sōshihan.

School Directory

The Aikidō & Aikibujutsu world headquarters and principal school is located in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles, CA, USA. There, Obata-sōshihan also teaches other traditional samurai arts, such as Shinkendo swordsmanship, Toyama-ryū Battōdō (military sword-drawing), Bōjutsu (technique of the long staff), and other related arts. Currently, there are over 90 branch schools worldwide teaching the arts overseen by Obata-sōshihan.

Prospective students are encouraged to consult the school directory to determine if there is a dōjō nearby. Prospective visitors to the Honbu Dōjō (main school) in Little Tokyo are welcome to make an appointment to view a class through the contact information.

Further Information

More information about Aikidō & Aikibujutsu and other arts, Obata Toshishiro-kaiso, etc. is available on the central Shinkendo website, as well as books and other instructional materials. The content of this website is also reproduced there.